A Picture of A Penis May Not Be Worth A Thousand Words

Still on Tinder. Young, beautiful, athletic guys contact me daily. They start out by telling me that I’m hot and they are attracted to older women. After a few lines of chatting and getting to know each other they ask for my number so that we can text back and forth. Inevitably, after a bit of small talk we come to the dirty talk. I don’t mind talking dirty. Sometimes it’s creative and fun. I like the thought that I can turn a guy on with just my words. I like the thought of them getting hard while I say the things that I would never say to them if I had met them in a regular situation. It’s fun and it excites me to know that there is a beautiful man on the other end getting hard while thinking of me. I can spend hours flirting and talking dirty to the right guy. It makes me happy. I feel sexy and alive. The right guy can make it fun and sexy if he knows what he’s doing.

But some guys don’t get the concept of flirting and texting. They think that flirting is sending dirty pictures back and forth. They are clueless. It drives me nuts when they ask me for my number and the first thing that shows up on my phone from them is a picture of their penis. It disgusts me every time. I don’t get what makes a guy think that’s okay. One guy sent me a video of himself jacking off. No hello. No how are you. Just a video of himself masterbating. He was well built, gorgeous and sexy, but that video completely turned me off. I blocked his number. Just not cool.

Men, listen to this. Women don’t want to see pictures of your junk. Especially when we’re first getting to know you. It’s shocking to open a text that has a picture of a giant penis staring back you. I never expect that. Give a girl fair warning that you’re going to send a nude pic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sent a picture of a penis that I find repulsive and have been totally turned off by the guy afterward. Maybe if we were alone, in the dark and he entered me and it felt good I would be able to get over the fact that it’s curved or just plain ugly. There have been several guys that I was interested in, but once they sent the picture of their penis I became uninterested very quickly just because of how it looked. One guy’s was so hairy that you could barely see his penis. Another guy’s was curved and just plain weird looking. The head was gigantic and the stem (I guess that’s what you would call it) was skinny and scrawny. Another guy’s penis was beat red, like a dog’s. Gross. Nobody needs a picture of that. EVER.

I’m telling you, guys, don’t send pics of your penis unless it is beautiful, normally shaped and the hair is trimmed around it. AND YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO SEND IT! No matter what you may think, women don’t need to see your hard-on in order to be turned on by you. We need words. We need kisses. We need humor and lust. The unknown can be sexy. Seeing for ourselves is sexier to us than being shown everything before we’ve even met you in person.

I know men are visual and need to see the female body. I get that. And don’t get me wrong, I think men’s bodies are beautiful; your abs, you ass, your strong legs, your arms; even your penis. There’s nothing more beautiful than an erection that is there just for me. Just let me see it up close and personal. Let me feel it and taste it. Let me feel it’s strength as it moves inside of me, just don’t send me a picture of it until I’ve seen the beauty of it in person. I promise you’re chances of getting laid will be much higher.


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